Gibraltar government completes first phase of restoration of Grand Battery


One reason for the continued popularity of properties for sale in Gibraltar is undoubtedly the well-preserved historic fabric of the British Overseas Territory that, together with the Rock itself, helps to give it a strong sense of place. Such care for local heritage is being shown right now, in fact, by the Gibraltarian government’s ongoing programme of restoration and investment in historic sites.

It has recently been reported by the Gibraltar Chronicle, for example, that the government has completed the initial phase of its restoration work on the Grand Battery, which is one of the territory’s key military monuments that formed part of its Northern Defences.

The significance of the Grand Battery in Gibraltar’s history should not be doubted. Indeed, along with the Kings and Queens Lines, it was a major component of defences that remain a remarkable sight for visitors today. The defences serve as testament to the ingenuity of their creators down the centuries, with architectural elements from multiple periods of occupation evident.

What has been accomplished with the project so far?

The first phase of the restoration included the removal of a World War II blast wall, which exposed a series of 18th-century fire steps hidden behind it along the northern defensive wall. Future works will concentrate on the repair and reconstruction of damaged and missing fire steps.

Other key elements of the next proposed works will be the addition of balustrades along specific areas, and the pruning or removal of any trees that are damaging the monument, thereby enabling the true scale of this defensive platform to be better appreciated.

Given the location of the site right next to Casemates Square, it is anticipated that the area, once cleared, will be ideal for exhibiting some of Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s artillery pieces to the public.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said of the latest stage of development: “I was delighted to visit the site and to be briefed on the ongoing works by the Project Manager Carl Viagas.

“This was an area that we have been tackling at the same time as works on the Northern Defences have progressed. It is all a huge project which will see the restoration of the network of defensive structures that protected Gibraltar for centuries against a land attack from the north.”

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