Welcome to Our First Blog Entry


Good afternoon and welcome to BMI's first blog entry. I am particularly pleased that we finally have this blog online and active, I have been after getting this done for quite some time. It seems that people actually do read our articles on the BMI magazine and amazingly are keen to learn more about what’s what in Property locally and about our views and opinions on the market generally and the effect on our market from that novel idea called the European Union, which to date is keeping Nigel Farage very entertained….so here it is a blog that we hope will keep you informed and possibly even entertained.

If any of you thought that being an estate agent came with baggage…….well you’d be right; fact is that the sector (I was about to call it profession…;) is riddled with a) too many estate agents and invariably some are good, some are not so good and some are downright bad. Now this is not a pitch at how great BMI is, but rather about how the baggage that we inevitably carry affects our ability, at the best of times, to advise clients across the board. I say this because for the past few years I am continuously teased by friends and clients about our updates on the BMI magazine…….apparently we are too bullish and way to optimistic, oh and everything seems rosy. Well, I challenge you to read my articles which go back some 5 years now and (written on a quarterly basis) in my view describe perfectly our thoughts on market conditions throughout and which specifically throw caution on areas that we felt were a concern to our market in light of the economic disaster that hit the globe in 2008. In short, we felt that our economy was well cushioned and would not be affected directly by the crisis, but that confidence would be an issue in the short term. We also highlighted that the biggest concern to the market was not our economic output, but rather the speculative investment we had seen through most of 2005 – 2007 and the expectation that had been imposed by some developers on re-sale prices and short term gain……………………………………pretty much spot on in my view..;) But hey, have your say and by all means challenge our views.

So, we hope that this blog, aside from being a vent for you and for us, will also record some of our on-going thoughts on what’s what, where we feel things are heading, what factors might influence the market and a great many other property related matter that will hopefully lead to keeping a good account on how serious an outfit we are and hope to be for many years to come.